How to Keep Moisture Out of the Master Bathroom/Closet

This time of year it’s a little cold to throw open a window and let out some steam.

But homeowners are asking what to do about the steam that passes from the master bath into the adjacent master closet. Since builders are putting up homes with these two in close proximity we want to be sure that moisture from the shower area doesn’t create mold, mildew or odor problems in the closets.

Well, recently we were pleased to find DampRid, a moisture absorber on the market that has been getting consistently good customer reviews. So while we don’t endorse or promote any products on this blog, we do want to pass along helpful tips for keeping your home investment in top condition.

When you hang it in the closet the top white portion of the bag contains moisture-drawing calcium chloride crystals and the bottom portion is empty. As the bag collects moisture from the closet area, the liquid drops into the lower portion taking moisture out of the air and reducing the overall water in the air to about 50% humidity. Once all the crystals have dropped into the bottom of the bag, you can reuse the bag with refill crystals or toss it and hang a new one.

The price for these bags is about $6 apiece and they are designed to last about 60 days, but of course it all depends on your specific moisture level. If two people use your master bathroom to take three hot showers a day, the bag will not last as long as if one person uses the shower only once per day.

We checked out some reviews too and people are loving this stuff. 100% of Home Depot’s reviewers love it, 100% of WalMart reviewers would recommend it, and 88% of reviewers would recommend it.

Truth be told, we were a little intrigued by some of the reviews. Floridians seem particularly fond of this product for keeping their homes dry in the humid climate.

Other folksĀ are using this stuff in boats they store during the winter, in flooded basements, in their non-air-conditioned storage units, and one guy hangs themĀ inside cars he exports to help keep them dry while inside a container and shipped across the ocean.

DampRid isn’t the only company that makes home moisture control products, but they seem to have the biggest selection and the most reviews.

Alright so you get the idea. There IS a way to keep moisture from settling into your master bedroom or closets. So don’t risk turning off buyers when it’s this easy to fix!

And hey, next time you ship your car to the other side of the pond, maybe you’ll be thinking of us…






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